Nadine Shank


End of the Matter: Premieres for Trumpet
The Players: End of the Matter: Premieres for Trumpet, Eric Berlin, trumpet, Robert J. Bradshaw: Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, Nadine Shank, piano
Review: Bradshaw's Sonata is a nicely constructed piece, not overwrought in trying to be too complex or formal, yet making tightly woven use of its rather sparse cell materials in a very melodic way. Brass players of all stripes should marvel at Mr. Berlin's sound, and others desiring to spice up their collections might find much of interest here also. The recorded sound is of very high quality. Audiophile Audition World view: That between the Dionysian exuberance of early-20th-century European music and late-20th-century fusion jazz there exists a vast middle ground worth exploring and cultivating.Overall quality: The unfamiliarity of the compositions and the secondary instrumentation gives the performances a freshness that avoids shortchanging their composers' traditional roots. World Magazine The Sonata by Robert J. Bradshaw could be considered the most conventional work on the CD being the only sonata and the only work for trumpet and piano. The four movements of the piece follow the typical sonata plan, each filled with a lush sense of harmony and a lyrical sense for melodic writing. The faster movements contain plenty of sparkle and drive in addition to the pervasive lyricism. This work was recorded in a different setting than the others on the disc, which puts the piece in its own aural world separate from the others pieces. That might be bothersome for some listeners, but the piece and the performance are quite strong. Sequenza21
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