Nadine Shank


Aria - Open Loop Records 33 CD
The Players: Lynn Klock, alto saxophone & Nadine Shank, piano. Concertino da Camera, Ibert/Aria, Bozza/Concerto, Glazounov/Sonata, Heiden/Aria, Ibert/Concertino, Rueff(Open Loop) CD
Review: Lynn Klock is outstanding and so is the other half of this dynamic duo. "Nadine Shank is an excellent pianist and a superb accompanist. On a project such as Aria, the pianist is a soloist in her own right. This accompanist just makes it sound too easy. Aria is a CD you do not want to miss. Everything about the recording is excellent. The music and especially the performers have brought this wonderful music to life once again. Saxophone Journal
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